Lynden School District COVID-19 Health Updates for the 21-22 School Year

Lynden Schools has established an extensive set of procedures to ensure the safe and healthy return to in-school learning. Use the tabs across the top or scroll to see an At a Glance or a more in-depth A Closer Look viewing of Campus Procedures, Transportation, Food Services and Cleaning and Disinfecting.

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How these protocols were developed

The Lynden School District is required to follow the K-12 School Guidance that is provided by the Washington State Department of Health.  The Whatcom County Health Department supports schools by helping to interpret and implement the guidance. 

Guiding Principles

    • Protective equipmentUse of face coverings when indoors.
    • Keep ill individuals out of school buildingsStudents/staff required to stay home when sick.
    • Physical distancingClassrooms will maintain three feet or more to the extent possible.
    • Physical distancingPhysical distancing will be maximized to extent possible in non-classroom settings.
    • TestingTrained school personnel will be able to administer COVID-19 testing with parent consent.
    • Quarantine/Contact TracingQuarantine protocols have been updated to reduce exclusions from instruction.
    • Hygiene — Frequent soap and water hand washing and the use of alcohol-based hand gel.
    • Cleaning — Daily cleaning and disinfecting, especially high-touch surfaces.

Campus Procedures

At a Glance

  • Students and staff with any illness must remain at home. 

  • Students and staff are required to wear a face covering while inside a school building.

  • Classrooms will be set up to support three feet of distancing to the extent possible

  • Strategies to support physical spacing outside of the classroom will be used when reasonable


At a Glance

  • Buses will feature assigned seating for contact tracing purposes.

  • Students from the same household or school cohort are encouraged to sit in the same area on the bus.
  • Face coverings are required on the bus.
  • In an effort to keep air fresh and flowing, windows will be opened as much as possible.
  • Physical distancing will be encouraged when possible.

A Closer Look

  • Staff will clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces, including the tops and back of seats.
  • All disinfectant sprays, wipes and cleaners are EPA registered and considered safe. For more details, look at the Cleaning and Disinfecting section.
  • All previously established Bus Rules of Conduct remain in effect for student behavior.

Food Services

At a Glance

  • All meals are provided at no cost to the students until June 30, 2022
  • Students will eat lunch with their cohort in a classroom or cafeteria.
  • School-provided food service will focus on prepared bagged breakfasts/ lunches for easy portability and fewer contact points.
  • Lynden Schools will not be offering meal kit distribution at this time

A Closer Look

  • Eating lunch within the student cohort minimizes contact across groups.
  • A brown-bag breakfast is available for students after entering the school building.
  • Hot food items will be kept warm in foil bags and placed in brown bags before being distributed to the students either in the classroom or cafeteria.
  • Lunches eaten in the classroom will be delivered to classrooms on a rack.
  • Ala carte items will be available to purchase at middle school and high school.  Students must have money on their accounts to purchase at the snack bar.  These ala carte items are not free.
  • All staff will pass health attestation, engage in frequent hand washing, wear masks and gloves and use physical distancing during food prep.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

At a Glance

  • Lynden schools is implementing an enhanced cleaning and disinfecting program using best practices to help eliminate the spread of the COVID-19 virus within school buildings.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces will be done several times per day in high traffic areas and multiple times a day in classrooms based on occupancy and use
  • Chemicals used have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency

A Closer Look

For Further Questions 

Please contact your building’s health lead or nursing staff.

Lynden High School
Health Lead
Ian Freeman  Principal

Nursing Staff
Jen Parker

Lynden Academy
Health Lead
Ellie Meenk  Principal

Nursing Staff
Kathy Dodson

Fisher Elementary
Health Lead
Mandi (MJ) Jessee  Principal

Nursing Staff
Theresa Odom

Lynden Preschool
Health Lead
Rebecca Morgan  Director of Special Education

Nursing Staff
Kathy Dodson

Health Lead
Mike McKee  Athletic Director

Athletic Trainer
Duane Korthuis Licensed Athletic Trainer

Lynden Middle School
Health Lead
Cyndi Selcho Assistant Principal

Nursing Staff
Aimee Speer

Bernice Vossbeck Elementary
Health Lead
Michelle Nilson  Principal

Nursing Staff
Shawna Hanson

Isom Elementary
Health Lead
Tim Doering  Principal

Nursing Staff
Kathy Dodson

District Leads
Health Lead
Tim Metz  Director of Student Services

Nursing Staff
Kathy Dodson  BSN, RN, Head Nurse